Where is Australia?

Where is Australia, the land that I knew?
A place where we flourished and mateship shone through
Where is my country, the place of fair play?
They tore it all down and they threw it away!

What happened to justice and a place for us all?
A land where compassion could always stand tall
The rich men took over and told us all lies
and the wool was pulled firmly, down over our eyes

Like sheep we believed them and gave them their way
But I’m telling you now that ‘each dog has its day’!
Political parties fill most with disgust
They lost our respect and they lost all our trust

They pander to business like the lackeys they are
They sell out their country as they suck on cigars
They don’t serve the people and money’s their God
But some still support them, now isn’t that odd?

Why are we so stupid, so blind we can’t see?
That while we do nothing we’ll never be free
These people are traitors, the scum of the Earth
They lack decent morals and they lack any worth!

But we’re all distracted by rancour and fear
So truth, when it’s spoken, we just cannot hear
It’s time to wake up from this nightmarish dream
For if they take over only silence will scream.

March 19 2015

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  • thebardonthehill  On September 21, 2015 at 3:27 am

    While reading, I forgot that the first line said Australia and was think of my own once-fair land. 😦 One of my favorite meters. Good one.

    • Marc Glasby  On September 21, 2015 at 5:10 am

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it although I guess I wish I had more reason to write more up-beat stuff.

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