I wander down the empty street
where shop doors now are closed
The empty windows once were stacked
with products all in rows

The general store’s a hollow shell
the roof is rusting tin
but once the children stood outside
and dreamed of treats within

Weeds now grow where people sat
along the splintered seat
this empty place once thronged with life
when friends would come to meet

Who were the souls that gathered here
to chat and socialise?
What would I see around this place
if I saw with their eyes?

The children gathered after school
to play and window shop
The farmer’s wives come in to town
The friendly local cop

On Saturday the local gents
just lounging in the shade
Their wives inside will guarantee
the grocer does good trade

A different time a different world
and all of it now gone
There’s just an empty general store
for me to dwell upon

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