The Racist Bigot

I hate you ‘cos you’re black
and I hate you ‘cos you’re white
I hate you ‘cos I’m wrong
and I hate you ‘cos you’re right

I hate your weird traditions
I hate the way you speak
I hate the way you look
to me you’re just a freak

I hate you for the many things
that I can’t understand
I hate it that my life
is not the way I planned

and I hate your religion
the things that you believe
Your failure to agree with me
I simply can’t conceive

I’m just a little pawn
in someone else’s game
so I hate without a reason
though I do not know your name

You’ve seen me on the telly
The moron with a gun
who loves to go and kill things
because I think it’s fun

I am the ranting preacher
who damns you for your sin
I’m the pollie looking for a trough
to stick my big snout in

I’m the redneck and fanatic
who hates for hating’s sake
I’m the television healer
who’s nothing but a fake

No matter what the subject
I always have my say
and while you all put up with me
I’ll never go away.

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