The buzz word is millennium
In to a brave new world we come
and looking back on what we’ve done
I feel both pride and shame

Into a new computer age
where Pokemon is all the rage
while on each other war we wage
bringing loss and pain

Jet liners flit from coast to coast
We sit down to a Sunday roast
While all the things that matter most
are too much of a strain

While doctors, priests and nurses strive
to keep the dying just alive
poverty and famine thrive
with too much sun or rain

Good and evil vie for space
to dominate the human race
while somehow I feel out of place
with profit, loss and gain

In years from now when we’re all gone
our legacy will linger on
our children will look back upon
our failure to explain

If we succeed or if we fail
time and tide will lift the veil
and history will tell the tale
Were all our lives in vain?

And when a million years have passed
will any of our efforts last?
Or will they in the end be cast
forever down the drain?


(Written in 2000)

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