D & D

Take me again to a fantasy world
Of Dungeons and Dragons and banners unfurled
Take me once more through the passage of time
To the heroes and villains and good deeds and crimes

Give me once more a battle to fight
In a land full of darkness to bring forth a light
Give me the chance to go back and see
A time in my youth when my mind was once free

On weekends we’d gather like spectres from smoke
And we’d fight the good fight fuelled with pizza and Coke
It’s sad to look back on this world that’s now gone
But life’s full of changes and so I moved on

But still I remember the faces of friends
And while there’s a memory those times never end
And somewhere out there in the reaches of space
Lives a magical world that I cannot replace


Once upon a time I used to be a dungeon master and avid tabletop wargamer. I dedicate this poem to my good friend and fellow gamer Ian Sibert who was killed in a car crash in 2007.

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