Black Dog

When the black dog comes calling
You lose track of reason
For it’s darkest of winter
No matter what season

When the black dog comes howling
You’ll wonder what hit you
For it’s hard to think straight
When the black dog has bit you

When the black dog is hunting
It’s you that he’s after
He will steal all your joy
He will still all your laughter

When the black dog is growling
You will think the sky’s falling
When you’ve lost all your hope
It’s the black dog that’s calling

For the black dog will eat you
One bite at a time
And he feels no remorse
For committing this crime

And the black dog will grip you
His jaws like a vice
His breath like a fog
His touch just like ice

When the black dog comes sneaking
Your will must not break
For the black dog’s a coward
Just a mean shabby fake

When the black dog sits down
It’s a sign and a warning
But hold on one night
And he’s gone with the morning

For the black dog depression
Comes hunting us all
It’s hard to resist him
But don’t follow his call

The black dog can’t take you
If you understand him
If you can’t fight him off
It’s your life that you’ll hand him

So banish the black dog
Or bring him to heal
But you must understand that
The black dog is real


I once suffered badly from depression and this was what I wrote about the experience. Thankfully it seems to be something I no longer get. To anyone who does suffer from this condition the advice I can offer is don’t sit and think about things, just get up and do something physical, it doesn’t matter what. Keep on doing something until the depression fades. It helped me and it may help you.

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