Aching bones

Now my hair is thinning out, but that’s only on my head
For it grows in great big clumps from both my ears
And it’s better not to mention all the re-growth in my nose
As I face the mounting weight of passing years

And I find the days grow shorter than they ever were before
For I’m able to do less each passing day
My back and knees and joints and eyes are failing one by one
I’m getting bent and old and going grey

Some say there’s compensation and great joy in growing old
But I’m buggered if I know just what they mean
Perhaps it’s watching movies that I’ve watched ten times before
‘cos I can’t remember much of what I’ve seen

The books I’ve read I read again as if they’re something new
But only large print versions make the grade
I’ve given up all sorts of things I used to like to do
And things I still can manage get delayed

Oh I know they say you mellow like a good old vintage wine
But I think they tend to stretch the honest truth
For if I had my druthers I would swap my aching bones
For a body full of life and hope and youth

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