Stay at home in bed

I’d like to thank those thoughtful souls
Who walk around the shops
Who share with me their gracious gifts
Of flu, sore throats and coughs

It’s just too hard to stay at home
All warm and snug in bed
It’s much more fun to go outside
And spread the flu instead

They say ‘I must get back to work’
‘although I’m feeling blue’
‘My work mates surely won’t complain’
‘if I give them the flu’

and all the ads say ‘soldier on’
they should say ‘STAY INSIDE!’
‘Do not go out and spread disease’
‘to people far and wide’

and so instead of one off sick
the flu just does the rounds
and all because of thoughtless twits
it spreads in leaps and bounds

So next time when you start to cough
Your throat is sore and red
Please do us all a favour and
Just stay at home in bed!


If I catch the flu I usually suffer for 2-3 months (yes MONTHS) so when I see people walking around coughing and sneezing and dribbling all over the place I always make a hasty retreat. This is my message to all those who seem to think it is their holy duty to pass their infections on to everyone else.

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  • thebardonthehill  On February 16, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    I felt like that as a teacher, exposesd to every illness. Students would come to my desk burning with fever and have to be sent home. Perhaps some were a little ill before they came and were pushed into going because the parents didn’t have an easy way to take care of them. Or maybe they had cried “wolf” so many times, they weren’t believed about starting to feel ill. I learned to walk around with my hands not touching my face and escaped many illnesses.

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