Cleaverville II

A year has come and gone again
Since we last journeyed north
Escaping from the winter’s cold
We pack up and set forth

We drive on through increasing rain
Go looking for the sun
Three days and nights we journey north
A thousand miles to run

From Highway One we turn off north
A dirt road leads us in
The corrugations shake the van
And patience starts to thin

Then finally the sea appears
We know we’re really back
We curse the local council ‘cos
They didn’t grade the track

Just a little further now
And finally we’re there
The early birds have set up camp
And vans are everywhere

Some faces are familiar
We’ve seen them here before
Some faces are unknown to us
Each year there’s more and more

There’s some who haven’t come this year
And some reached journey’s end
It’s sad to think that some we know
Aren’t coming back again

There’s Blomey’s van’s where Bill’s once sat
And Mick’s is right next door
It’s good to see that Jack and Joy
Have made it back once more

Richard’s stopped in for a while
But then he’s moving on
We see no sign of Mickey Venn
But here at last comes Don

Up on the hill caretaker Ron
Is camped in his new van
John and Eileen just pulled in
To join the growing clan

And more will come to join the mob
As days and weeks roll on
But come September most of them
Have packed up camp and gone

Each year a little village grows
All stretched along a hill
A top spot right down by the beach
That’s known as Cleaverville

There’s those who fish and those who come
To contemplate and sit
There’s some who walk the rugged hills
And those who read and knit

And everyone who’s journeyed there
And stopped for months or days
Becomes a part of Cleaverville
In large or smaller ways

There’s legends here who knew the place
From times that go way back
To when the road was little more
Than just a sandy track

So round the campfires late at night
We think about the past
Of friends and faces long since gone
And memories that last

There’s no where else I’d rather be
When May comes rolling round
Than making tracks for Cleaverville
To me it’s sacred ground

June 2007

Dedicated to Jack & Joy – an inspiration to everyone who knows them

I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time at this very special place in the Pilbara. I may never get to see it again but it will always have a place in my heart and my memories.

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