The Time Allowed

The good, the bad, the ugly
Will all sleep with the worms
Whether they lived the life of saints
Or parasitic germs

No money, fame, or fortune
Will save them in the end
The Reaper comes for everyone
No matter what they spend

There’s no truth to the stories
Of heaven or of hell
The preachers , priests and all the rest
Have only lies to tell

What matters is the present
And how you live your life
It’s surely best to be at peace
And not beset by strife

Be good, be kind, be decent
To those who pass your way
Don’t spend your days in slavery
Make time to laugh and play

And when at last your time runs out
You’ve had the time allowed
You’ll leave behind you memories
Of which you can be proud.

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  • thebardonthehill  On February 3, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    I like this one, too, even though I disagree with “no heaven or hell”. Still done well. 🙂

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