Life in the Bush

I live in the bush where the air is much cleaner
And the hassles of traffic are far, far away
I live in the bush where the trees are much greener
But living out here, there’s a price I must pay

I can’t get a signal, no mobile reception
I can’t get the mail unless I’m in town
I can’t see a doctor, I can’t see a dentist
They’ve all moved away and it’s getting me down

The telly’s ‘the pits’ and I can’t afford Foxtel
There’s few entertainers who venture out here
So a walk in the bush is the main entertainment
Or an hour in the pub and a glass of cold beer

And when I go shopping I’m paying top dollar
I need an armed guard if I’m picking up fuel
The words ‘out of stock’ are becoming familiar
And ‘we don’t stock that here’ is a general rule

I have to drive miles just to talk to a neighbour
But maybe that’s not all that bad after all
For living out here, it’s the peace that I savour
And city life ‘sucks’ as I seem to recall

We don’t get the services townies are used to
And money’s not all, that we stand to lose
But we love the fresh air, and we love the lifestyle
So living out bush is the life that we choose

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