Time to Protest

Bush and Blair are telling lies
But their smoke screens can’t disguise

Another war by Uncle Sam
It’s another Vietnam

Poor men dying, every day
Rich men gaining, every way

Bush, Bin-laden, drill for oil
In the desert’s blood stained soil

Gross corruption running wild
Just ignore the dying child

Population kept in fear
Terrorism, always near

Every day more young men die
Seems there’s no one asking ‘why?’

There’s no anger, there’s no protest
There’s just killing, sick and grotesque

There’s new laws to, stop us speaking
Was it freedom we were seeking?

War on terror? war on truth!
So we sacrifice our youth

Wake up people, time to see
There’s no land of liberty

There’s just rich men making money
War to them is milk and honey

Time to protest in the street
Off your asses, on your feet!

Written in 2006 and inspired by the Michael Moore film ‘Fahrenheit 911’

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