Time on Your Side

When you were young there was so much to see and do
Places to go to and dreams to fulfill
When you were young there was nothing but time for you
Time was your friend and it never stood still

You played in the sun and you lived for the summer
And life was a carousel whirling around
When life had a beat to it you were the drummer
You lived for the music and loved the sweet sound

When life was a game and when living was easy
You never knew time was just slipping away
When summers were long and the evenings were breezy
You loved in the moment and lived for the day

When you were young you thought life was forever
There was no growing old in the future for you
But now that you’re older you never say never
and time has a way of just slipping on through

Now the days slip away and the summers are shorter
No more do you think you have time on your side
You walk a thin line and the tight rope gets tauter
And now that you want to, there’s no where to hide

But now time is short it’s also much sweeter
You savour each moment of each passing day
And though time is a foe and a terrible cheater
You know that it’s something you can’t wish away

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