Tag Team

It’s just before the sun comes up
You sip upon your brew
The chilly air will keep at bay
The early morning crew

But later as the day heats up
You’re starting to salute
That honoured Aussie swiping wave
That gives the flies the boot

And suddenly they’re everywhere
They crawl around your eyes
You try about just every trick
To keep away those flies

A hat with corks has given way
To covering with mesh
The Aeroguard you used to use
No longer keeps you fresh

They seem to know, those cursed flies
When tasks will take both hands
For when they do they gather round
In massive swarming bands

The bush flies aren’t the only ones
That make you swear and curse
The blue flies buzz around your head
And March flies, even worse!

You know there’s no escaping them
When grey skies turn to blue
But evening rolls around at last
And then their reign is through

But in the dusk you hear a sound
A nasty high pitched whine
The mozzies are all waking up
Those lousy rotten swine

You cover up with jeans and boots
You light the mozzy coils
You sit out in the balmy night
And burn exotic oils

The subtle nasty little sting
You feel upon your leg
While gathered round the barbecue
Or leaning on the keg

It tells you all your sprays and stuff
Are having no effect
So bites and stings are just the things
You’re learning to expect

And so the Summer tag team makes
Your days a living hell
And even in the evenings
You will suffer on as well

All Winter long you waited for
The skies to turn to blue
But you forgot the nasty things
The tag team planed for you

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  • kvennarad  On January 27, 2012 at 5:43 am

    What I want to know is how do the little bastards know where the BACK of your head is?


    • livingwithtwins  On January 28, 2012 at 11:49 pm

      They do seem to have the uncanny knack of landing where you can’t hit them 🙂

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