The Great Folly of Man

I was here and I saw when the Dinosaur came
I was here when they faded away
I saw the birds flourish and take to the sky
I saw tiny mammals at play

I saw when the black man first walked on this earth
I saw the tribes wander the land
I saw many changes, the deaths and the births
I saw the great folly of man

I watched as the white man laid claim to my soil
How he dug up my valleys and plains
How he strove to find riches, my gold and my oil
How he turned all my rivers to drains

I watched and I waited and hoped that he’d see
That my riches were greater than gold
My mountains, my valleys, my rivers and seas
Are more than a billion years old

The longer I waited the more I was robbed
And the more disrespect came my way
Though my spirit’s unbroken my heart softly sobbed
But greed has its own price to pay

When they’ve dug up my riches and used up the land
When my sweet waters all have run dry
Then their great sprawling cities will turn back to sand
And their dreams will all wither and die

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