Stranded in the City

I’ve been stranded in the city
It’s a God Almighty curse
For it starves imagination
and dries up all good verse

How can anybody stand it
with its rush and endless haste?
You would think the world was ending
and there’s no time left to waste

Every second’s worth a dollar
so there’s no time to be lost
In the rush to make a fortune
No one stops to count the cost

How I long for open spaces
where there’s time to stop and think
Far away from city hustle
that can drive a man to drink

Give me endless plains so empty
just as far as I can see
Give me wilderness and rangeland
give me rivers wild and free

Take me far away from people
from their wickedness and greed
Let me interact with nature
and its many lessons heed

If I could but flee the city
and its soul corrupting ways
then I’d count my self so lucky
the remainder of my days

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