Spiders of the City

Deep within the shadows of the city’s tallest spires
Is a nest of skulking spiders who all share the same desires
They spin their webs of finest silk to catch unwary prey
Their fangs are sharp, their eyes are keen, they shun the light of day

Their friends are in high places where they make up their own rules
Their only God is money and they play us all for fools
Corruption is their only game, they play for highest stakes
But all their wealth is nothing for they’re evil shabby fakes

The men in suits are plotting how to fleece us, one and all
Their greed is never ending and they hearken to its call
No morals left to speak of, they would cut their mother’s throat
If it meant they made a dollar over which they all could gloat

Stay away from city shadows where the human spiders lurk
Or you’ll lose yourself forever in the dark and dirty murk.

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