Heron Point (The Life of Brian)

There’s a place down by the water that everybody knows
A place to sit and just relax so everybody goes
When Spring turns into Summer it’s a very busy joint
That’s when we know that Brian will return to Heron Point

On the corner of the campground on the left as you drive in
Is a caravan and 4 wheel drive, an annexe and a bin
November through to April is the time you’ll know he’s there
Making sure that campers treat the place with all due care

You’ll see him in the mornings taking Kenny for a trot
If you ask about the crabbing he will always say what’s what
He planted trees to give us shade and watered them in drought
And then the Council came along and pulled the whole lot out

He does a job that few would do and gets his share of grief
The stupid things some campers do are just beyond belief
So when you go to Heron point, remember, park east-west
And parking by the windmill isn’t really for the best

There may have been a long weekend with yobbos by the score
And Brian’s had to deal with them, a none too pleasant chore
So offer him a cuppa when you see him on his rounds
And don’t keep him awake all night by making too much sound

I know when I’m done travelling and I’ve grown old and grey
I’ll look back on the days here and wish the time away
Back to a time when crabs came in on every Summer tide
And Brian walked round Heron Point with Kenny at his side


We used to visit Heron Point many times and the caretaker (Brian) was always asking me to write something for him. Eventually I did and this was the result.

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