The Alice

The mighty MacDonnells stretch out to the west
where the gorges cut right through the range
and just when you think it’s unbearably hot
come the rains, the red land starts to change

In a matter of days the red turns to green
and the dry creek beds wetten and fill
The long dormant seeds are all pulsing with life
and there’s water falls right through the hills

From Simpsons to Big Hole to Ormiston Gorge
and on where the Finke River flows
the red and the green with a blue sky above
are all out where the spinifex grows

To the east stands The Alice on the great highway north
where it’s half way to Darwin or back
and the track stretches onwards and touches the sky
and the road is a ribbon of black

It’s a long way from nowhere in the heart of the land
and it’s 400 Ks to The Rock
You’ll find you make changes to well thought out plans
and you’ll no longer live by the clock

It’s ageless and timeless and all that you’ve heard
You’ll find that you’re slipping away
back to the Dreamtime with no need for words
’till the sun slowly sets on your stay

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