Not so far apart

If you’ve ever felt the rough hand of the sun upon your back
if you’ve ever mended fences in the rain
if you’ve ridden bare back ponies who have no regard for tack
then the country surely runs within your veins

If you learned in early childhood how to set a simple snare
if you helped your father plough a stony field
if you’ve seen the seeded paddocks standing empty cracked and bare
then you know the power that nature has to wield

If your school was just a radio and lessons came by post
if your friends were mostly Jack and Jillaroos
If a ride to town in dad’s old ute was what you wanted most
then you’re likely to wear boots instead of shoes

If you’ve been to see the big smoke and can’t wait to get away
if you love the silent stillness of the night
if you long to see the starlit sky, the distant milky way
then it’s ten to one your campfire’s burning bright

If you know and love this mighty land like nothing else on Earth
if you pledge her your allegiance ’till you die
then although we come from different worlds, we’re not so far apart
for we share the same emotions you and I

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