The Women of the West

There’s tales about the drover
The Swaggy, Cops and such
but of the women pioneers
you don’t hear overmuch

The ones who came with nothing
but the clothes upon their back
who faced the rugged wilderness
in bush blocks up the track

From Ireland and from England’s slums
some convict, some were free
they came, these women pioneers
from far across the sea

They rode and shot and mustered
they learned to crack the whip
and many things they never dreamed
when they first boarded ship

In shacks and little shanties
they were mother, cook and wife
they opened up the outback
as they shared the squatter’s life

Courageous, strong and hardy
they faced the drought and rain
they helped their husbands build a home
out on the gibber plain

Just like the men who worked the land
they gave it all their best
they wore the title proudly of
‘The Women of the West’.

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  • Eric Alagan  On January 10, 2012 at 3:04 am

    Thank you for writing about the forgotten stars. Eric 🙂

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