Kangaroo Feathers

Kangaroo feathers and emu’s teeth
I’ll spin you a yarn just beyond belief
Where the sun comes up on the Coolabah
and a right old turkey’s just a big galah

Where the rivers run but they’re upside down
an’ yer back t’ front if you like the town
I’ll tell a tale that makes no sense
where there’s dogs both sides of the dog proof fence

Where there’s not a shark for a hundred mile
for they’ve all bin et by the crocodile
I’ll show you a place not far away
where the dry plains swim in the light of day

Come right along and I’ll show you now
where the ground’s so hard it’ll blunt a plough
Where there’s too much sun or too much rain
and the heat does odd things to your brain

Come stand a while ‘neath the boab tree
with its big fat trunk it’s a sight to see
Where there’s birds that run and roos that hop
and the mice grow fat on the farmer’s crop

There’s honey ants deep underground
and birds that laugh and mice that bound
There’s fish that crawl up from the sea
no sting at all from native bees

Come see the white ants build their nest
so it’s north to south, not east to west
A flat out lizard drinks its fill
and chases dingoes with his frill

How about a mutton bird?
I think you might just doubt my word
Well bugger me! and bloody strewth!
I tell you all it God’s own truth.


This poem is a tribute to Australia’s many ‘tall tale tellers’

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