Just Another Breakdown

It’s just another breakdown
just like the one before
the time the piston threw a rod
and came up through the floor

It’s just another breakdown
the engine’s leaking oil
The radiator coolant’s gone
how fast it seemed to boil

It’s just another breakdown
the revs are fading fast
the lights are out the brakes are gone
my life is flashing past

It’s just another breakdown
we’re miles and miles from town
I don’t know how the hell to smile
I sure know how to frown

It’s just another breakdown
I’d like to burn the bus
but if I did we’d have no home
to house and shelter us

It’s just another breakdown
but help is on it’s way
we went the wrong way up the road
and called the R A A

It’s just another breakdown
bur Graham’s fixed the bus
I wonder if he’d like to come
away and follow us?

It’s just another breakdown
for us to leave behind
next time I have a breakdown please
just let it be my mind!


Dedicated to the one armed (yes that’s correct) mechanic Graham, from Pimba who fixed our bus when we broke down in the middle of nowhere on the way to Alice Springs.

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