Spring in the Hills

The greys and browns of winter are still clinging to the hills
and a chilly wind is whipping round my knees
but there are some subtle changes like the flowers by the brook
and the coats of green returning to the trees

In the valley all the vines are being clipped and tidied up
in the hills the cattle graze on pastures green
There’s a dropping of the levels in the creeks and in the brooks
and a feeling that the air is fresh and clean

The days grow slightly longer and the sun starts feeling warm
the beat of life grows stronger by the day
the fields all covered deeply by the quickly growing grass
that the summer sun will dry and turn to hay

The perfumes of the blossoms filter through the morning air
and the birds all gather items for their nest
now that Winter’s slowly ending there’s an urgency about
no time to sit and contemplate or rest

The golden yellow wattle is a sight to please the eye
the bees all crowd around its yellow cloak
but in the air through out the hills there’s still a chill about
and wafting on the breeze the smell of smoke

As we say farewell to Winter and we greet the coming Spring
we look forward to the sun of Summer days
but we know the cycle turns again as Autumn comes around
and turns the bright blue sky again to grey


Written when we were staying at Eden Valley (near the Barossa) in South Australia

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  • Eric Alagan  On December 25, 2011 at 1:01 am

    Thanks for the memories. My wife and I spent a glorious vacation there.
    Merry Christmas,

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