A Day by the Sea

Have you ever felt the magic
when you’re standing by the sea?
The rise and fall of ocean swells
Sublime serenity

In the morning’s salty air
the working boats leave port
and anglers keen on fishy fare
go looking for some sport

The seabirds wheel and flap and cry
as dawn breaks overhead
but all these sights and sounds are lost
to those still tucked in bed

The tinkling of the rigging
of the yachts out on the bay
a gentle way of waking
in the first new light of day

The morning sun comes peeping through
a drifting bank of cloud
and on the beach, so empty now
will come a bustling crowd

The small boats now all set to sea
their sails so clean and bright
they jibe and tack across the wind
on which they seem so light

The afternoon now still and warm
there’s nought but time to pass
the racing yachts all sit becalmed
upon a sea of glass

With evening come the twinkling lights
from far across the bay
a gentle breeze to cool the land
the closing of the day

Until tomorrow’s light breaks through
I bid the sea ‘farewell’
But in my dreams I fall asleep
upon the ocean swell.

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