I Fell in Love

I fell in love with a lady
who’s as firm as she’s soft as she’s strong
There’s times when she’s quite a hard mistress
but with body and soul I belong

She grants me my hopes and desires
She answers my dreams and my prayers
She asks that I treat her with kindness
All she wants is just someone who cares

There’s times when she burns like a furnace
and times when she’s cold like the moon
Her voice is the birds always singing
the sweetest of nature’s sweet tunes

Her heart is as big as the outback
her spirit as strong as the trees
Her  name whispers slowly and softly
on the gentlest of Summer’s sweet breeze

She’s young and she’s fresh and forgiving
but she’s older and wiser than time
So much more than is here on this paper
in this poor poets musing and rhyme

For the lady I love is Australia
and I offer these words as my praise
From the city’s great sprawl to the desert
I’m hers to the end of my days

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