The Legend of the Kelly Gang

Transported to the colonies, caught out at stealing pigs
Ned’s father Red was banished from the land of Irish jigs
Ned grew up the hard way, a life of petty crime
at sixteen years, for horse theft, he did three years hard time

His brother Dan was wanted, Fitzpatrick tracked him down
But Ned he shot Fitzpatrick then Ned and Dan left town
Their mother carted off to gaol her sons now wanted men
A hundred pounds reward was set, they’d not be free again

Up in their mountain hideaway they joined with Byrne and Hart
the legend of the Kelly Gang would blow the bush apart
They battled with three troopers who tried to capture Ned
and when the shooting ended three troopers all lay dead

Two thousand pounds upon their heads their spirits never sank
they planned a raid to snub the cops and took Euroa bank
Informer Aaron Sherritt had tried to shop the gang
but when Joe Byrne caught up with him the sound of gunfire rang

The Kelly Gang grew bolder, then they took Jerilderie
Three days they held the townsfolk before they set them free
Eight thousand pounds was offered and their time was running out
The Kelly’s took Glenrowan and called the troopers out

An ambush set to catch the train, a tip off foiled the plan
The troopers bailed the Kellys up, the final act began
For seven hours the battle raged around the old hotel
Ned Kelly clad in armour plate but all his comrades fell

Shot, and shot, and shot again, “I’m done for now” he said
the sound of gunfire drifts away, five people now lie dead
Ned’s wounds did not prove fatal so he went to Melbourne Gaol
the public called for clemency, an effort bound to fail

At twenty five Ned Kelly swung upon the hangman’s rope
“Ah such is life” his final words, he knew he had no hope
Down through the years the story grows, an outlaw bound to hang
defiance born of poverty, that was the Kelly Gang

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