Hotter than Hell

It’s hotter than Hell
and I’m starting to smell
and the temperature’s still going up
It’s one ten in the shade
and I’m very afraid
that the beer’s all run out in my cup

The river’s run dry
and there’s dust and there’s flies
some say that we’re having a drought
Not a cloud in the skies
and there’s dust in my eyes
it’s Summer again there’s no doubt

My thongs have worn thin
there’s a tan on my skin
the fans are all going non-stop
There’s a swarm round the bin
and some try to get in
but the fly spray I’ve got makes ’em drop

Yes it’s Summer all right
and the sun’s got a bite
we slap on our sunscreen and hats
With the coming of night
it must look quite a sight
when we sleep in the yard with the cats

Sure it’s hot and it’s dry
and we’re all going to fry
but it’s bright and it’s sunny as well
down the beach we all fly
with a gleam in our eye
who cares if  it’s hotter than Hell?

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