Fire Fighting Volunteer

He’s an ordinary working man
a father or a son
He likes to have a beer at night
when all the work is done

He lives out in a country town
and loves the country life
He’s part of the community
just like his kids and wife

But when the four mile wailer goes
he gets himself in gear
He’s proud to be a C.F.A.
fire fighting volunteer

In every long hot summer
he’s there to heed the call
from new years day to Christmas eve
he must be on the ball

In dark of night or burning sun
his life is on the line
The cheerful grin upon his dial
says things should work out fine

But in a raging bush fire
whole crews are sometimes lost
and towns saved by the C.F.A.
must reckon with the cost

An ordinary working man?
but not like most round here
the backbone of the C.F.A.
fire fighting volunteer

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