For Weary (Dunlop)

Come and see the sunshine coast
where Aussies aim to please
Forget about the war they say
don’t blame the Japanese

But I remember Singapore
Malaya and Bataan
I can’t forget, I won’t forgive
though others say they can

They marched us off in long thin lines
into the jungle deep
For many men this dreadful march
would see their final sleep

So many died along the way
from beatings and neglect
and even worse things were in store
that none could then expect

In camps along a track we toiled
in rain and mud and heat
and though they beat and starved us
we never knew defeat

Men like Weary saw us through
and kept our hopes alive
They stood up to our gaolers
and managed to survive

Though many times they tried to break
his spirit and his pride
They never put the fire out
that always burned inside

They tied his arms around a tree
about to run him through
‘My thoughts I will not share’ said he
‘to thugs the like of you.’

And when at last we re-emerged
from darkness to the sun
We finally believed that we
had fought the fight and won

We didn’t know we’d be sold out
for profits and for greed
and where the Japs had failed in war
in peace they would succeed

The land is sold beneath our feet
and with champagne they toast
The power of the mighty yen
that gobbles up our coast

In our schools they’re learning how
to speak in Japanese
To bow and say ‘Konnichiwa’
and beg on bended knees

On Anzac Day the old men march
to honour fallen friends
but while we sell their spirits short
their journey never ends.

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