The Things I’d Do

I’d love a sunburned country
but that’s been done before
And Clancy of the Overflow
is nothing but a bore

The man from Snowy River
riding wild and free
isn’t nearly tough enough
for new age blokes like me

I’d be off to Iron Bark
but they might cut my throat
and I’d Waltzing Matilda
if I could hold a note

I’d hump my swag to anywhere
or join the polo club
I’d pass the black stump many times
and camp out in the scrub

I’d shear a sheep and rope a bull
or pan a stream for gold
I’d write the best bush ballad
that ever has been told

I’d go to Tumbarumba
to see the kangaroos
who thanks to all the shooting
now live in ones and twos

I’d catch a barramundi
and wrestle with a croc
I’d be as game as Kelly
and even climb The Rock

There’d be so many coves around
to watch my daring deeds
That I’d be rich and famous
most likely to succeed

I’d pat the dog that sits upon
that well known tucker box
I’d be as smart as sixpence
and cunning as a fox

I’d find a pub without a beer
and ride the Melbourne Cup
If I could get myself in gear
and get my courage up

This poem contains references to quite a few well known Australian poems. Anyone familiar with the genre should be able to pick them out.

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