Murphy’s Rules

When everything seems peaceful
and all is going well
you’ll find out that Murphy’s rules
will grab you like a spell

When you build your money up
a bundle in the bank
and trouble strikes at every turn
then you’ll know who to thank

The car you just had serviced
is spewing smoke and oil
the fridge just out of warranty
now watch that good food spoil

Just when you least expect it
Old Murphy will appear
He’s cruel enough to make you spill
your last mouthful of beer

At every turn he’s waiting
until you think you’re safe
the shoes that fit well yesterday
today will make you chafe

Your wallet’s in your pocket
at least that’s what you think
until its time to pay the bill
then feel your light heart sink

You glide along life’s easy way
it’s such an easy dance
Until old Murphy comes along
and kicks you in the pants

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