City Dreams

The bright lights of the city
Have lured me away
From bushland plains and mulga scrub
from plains of rich red clay

Away from the serenity
to noise and toil and strife
To pay the bills and cure the ills
of living city life

Into a world of buildings
and people crowded round
of cars and fumes and airplanes
a world of ceaseless sound

I long to take my swag again
into the far outback
To walk the trails and feel again
the sun upon my back

To make camp by a billabong
cook dinner by a fire
Lie back and see the stars at night
then silently retire

But here I sit beside a screen
a keyboard and a phone
My time belongs to someone else
my life is not my own

Down below the city sprawls
around and out of sight
But in my mind I’m wandering
my fantasies take flight

And once again I’m on the road
not knowing where I’m bound
I’m off into the wilderness
somewhere I can’t be found

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