Bush Verse

The shaking shadows waking
through the morning’s misty haze
The morning bright with dappled light
that heralds summer days

And on the far horizon
the hills are burnished gold
Where now as for a million years
another day unfolds

The gum trees by the river bed
stand reaching for the sky
And somewhere in the distance
a mournful curlew cries

All about, the endless plain
grows warm with morning sun
Where spinifex and grass trees grow
where roo and emu run

No rain clouds in the distance
to soak the cracked red earth
To wash the ants from bleached white bones
to help the land give birth

No raindrops fall from heaven
It hasn’t rained for years
And all that man has left behind
is blood, and sweat, and tears

For those who came to tame her
departed long ago
Dreams buried deep by desert sands
that never cease to blow

Dawn drifts into morning
then into afternoon
And day gives way again to night
to greet the rising moon

The cycle goes unbroken
from year to passing year
Land sleeping and unwoken
To rise and reappear

(c) 1999

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