I was one of the many unnoticed
I passed through barely making a sound
I lived life and I loved in my own way
and I fought to hold on to my ground

I tried hard, to be good, to be decent
but I didn’t live up to my dream
I fell short, many times, and I tell you
sometimes life made me want to just scream

I wasn’t that special in most ways
and I didn’t stand out in the crowd
and boy I can tell you that some days
I felt just like crying out loud

They told me that if I worked harder
I would reap the rewards in the end
but they lied and I wound up with nothing
but a trickle of money to spend

I watched as the fat cats got richer
How they conned the whole world with their lies
and the dull and the ignorant let them
as they pulled to wool over their eyes

And the world just descended to madness
and hate became higher than love
and war was waged purely for profit
as the bombs they rained down from above

We ignored what the world tried to tell us
about how we were wrecking it all
But our greed and our pride overtook us
and we never suspected we’d fall

When a few tried to raise up their voices
to warn us of dark days ahead
The greedy white men in their limmos
quickly knocked all dissent on the head

In the past there were plenty of lessons
that we could have easily learned
But we sold out our planet for money
and we burned and we burned and we burned

And I went away still unnoticed
to the stillness and dark of my grave
leaving only regret for a plant
that we could have easily saved

April  2017


Less of me

Day by day there’s less of me
than on the day before
I’m not quite what I used to be
I’m fading more and more

And one day soon there’ll come a time
when I don’t know your name
This journey is an uphill climb
but there’s no one to blame

So when I’m here but somehow gone
I hope you’ll hold my hand
and in your heart you’ll dwell upon
the times that were so grand

Look back at all the fun we had
those times that made us high
Don’t let me leaving make you sad
Don’t let it make you cry

For when I’m lost behind my eyes
and I look but I can’t see
Think back when there were clearer skies
when I was still just me

Use our love to keep you strong
Just hold me close and sigh
I’m by your side where I belong
I’ll love you ’till I die


My father died from Alzheimer’s and I seem to have a similar condition developing. This is my message to the two people I love most.


Where is Australia?

Where is Australia, the land that I knew?
A place where we flourished and mateship shone through
Where is my country, the place of fair play?
They tore it all down and they threw it away!

What happened to justice and a place for us all?
A land where compassion could always stand tall
The rich men took over and told us all lies
and the wool was pulled firmly, down over our eyes

Like sheep we believed them and gave them their way
But I’m telling you now that ‘each dog has its day’!
Political parties fill most with disgust
They lost our respect and they lost all our trust

They pander to business like the lackeys they are
They sell out their country as they suck on cigars
They don’t serve the people and money’s their God
But some still support them, now isn’t that odd?

Why are we so stupid, so blind we can’t see?
That while we do nothing we’ll never be free
These people are traitors, the scum of the Earth
They lack decent morals and they lack any worth!

But we’re all distracted by rancour and fear
So truth, when it’s spoken, we just cannot hear
It’s time to wake up from this nightmarish dream
For if they take over only silence will scream.

March 19 2015

Big Bell

What stories you could tell me
if only you could speak
About the heady mining days
When Big Bell reached its peak

The dusty road that led to town
still brings the people in
But now you’re not quite what you were
Your walls are tumbling in

But still you are magnificent
Standing strong and proud
Abandoned to the desert’s whims
Red sunsets for a shroud

If only I could set the clock
back fifity years or more
I’d see you in your glory days
with patrons by the score

And if I listen hard enough
when the sun is sinking low
I just might hear the above the wind
the ghosts of long ago

The miners standing at the bar
The barmaids serving beer
The pub alive with light and sound
might travel to my ear

But no, it’s just a whim of mine
A wish to see you live
A longing for the early days
is all that you can give

And so you sit and slowly fade
with sunset’s dimming light
A relic of a bygone age
A phantom in the night


I wander down the empty street
where shop doors now are closed
The empty windows once were stacked
with products all in rows

The general store’s a hollow shell
the roof is rusting tin
but once the children stood outside
and dreamed of treats within

Weeds now grow where people sat
along the splintered seat
this empty place once thronged with life
when friends would come to meet

Who were the souls that gathered here
to chat and socialise?
What would I see around this place
if I saw with their eyes?

The children gathered after school
to play and window shop
The farmer’s wives come in to town
The friendly local cop

On Saturday the local gents
just lounging in the shade
Their wives inside will guarantee
the grocer does good trade

A different time a different world
and all of it now gone
There’s just an empty general store
for me to dwell upon


It’s taken me two years old friend
to sit and write to you
I’ve sat and tried a dozen times
but couldn’t see it through

And even now it breaks my heart
to think of our goodbye
Puppy dogs have such short lives
but still I have to try

To thank you for the love you gave
through every passing day
To see your happy wagging tail
would chase my cares away

There’s no one now to lick my hand
or push me with his nose
No scruffy hairy laughing face
to chase away my woes

For fifteen years you blessed our lives
and now that you are gone
I’ve many happy memories
that I look back upon

I hope your spirit’s resting
in fields of long green grass
and I hope I find you waiting
when my time comes to pass


(My personal goodbye to a faithful friend)


The buzz word is millennium
In to a brave new world we come
and looking back on what we’ve done
I feel both pride and shame

Into a new computer age
where Pokemon is all the rage
while on each other war we wage
bringing loss and pain

Jet liners flit from coast to coast
We sit down to a Sunday roast
While all the things that matter most
are too much of a strain

While doctors, priests and nurses strive
to keep the dying just alive
poverty and famine thrive
with too much sun or rain

Good and evil vie for space
to dominate the human race
while somehow I feel out of place
with profit, loss and gain

In years from now when we’re all gone
our legacy will linger on
our children will look back upon
our failure to explain

If we succeed or if we fail
time and tide will lift the veil
and history will tell the tale
Were all our lives in vain?

And when a million years have passed
will any of our efforts last?
Or will they in the end be cast
forever down the drain?


(Written in 2000)


My mind will sometimes wander
through the summers of my past
Down the long forgotten hedgerows
to a world that couldn’t last

From the leafy lanes of England
to Australia’s glowing sun
To a childhood filled with innocence
of friends, and hope, and fun

The world was somehow simpler then
where dreams might still come true
When the air was fresh and cleaner
and the sky a bluer blue

The ripened fruit of neighbours trees
that no one seemed to miss
The first sweet pain of puppy love
that first enchanted kiss

So many names and faces
have faded from my mind
and just like all those childhood dreams
have all been left behind

But sometimes when I sit alone
it All comes back to me
and in my mind I’m young again
foot loose and fancy free.

Leaving Home

The big old house seems empty now
The kids have long since gone
And now it seems it’s time for us
to both be moving on

Looking back through all the years
it seems like yesterday
The house was filled with laughter
and sounds of kids at play

We sheltered here within these walls
a house became a home
It’s sad to see it empty now
It stands here all alone

The ghosts of children long since grown
are playing in the yard
Young voices echo through these rooms
and make this leaving hard

Here we grew and prospered
we laughed and loved and cried
But now the time approaches
to say our last goodbye

Weather board and painted tin
Floors of polished wood
This place means so much more to me
than any other could

Our children scattered to the winds
all grew up straight and strong
This house will always be a place
to which their hearts belong

I look out on the garden
I planted with my hands
I think back on the many things
that sacrifice demands

My memories are happy ones
and though I’m far away
The part of me that loves this place
is never far away.

The Racist Bigot

I hate you ‘cos you’re black
and I hate you ‘cos you’re white
I hate you ‘cos I’m wrong
and I hate you ‘cos you’re right

I hate your weird traditions
I hate the way you speak
I hate the way you look
to me you’re just a freak

I hate you for the many things
that I can’t understand
I hate it that my life
is not the way I planned

and I hate your religion
the things that you believe
Your failure to agree with me
I simply can’t conceive

I’m just a little pawn
in someone else’s game
so I hate without a reason
though I do not know your name

You’ve seen me on the telly
The moron with a gun
who loves to go and kill things
because I think it’s fun

I am the ranting preacher
who damns you for your sin
I’m the pollie looking for a trough
to stick my big snout in

I’m the redneck and fanatic
who hates for hating’s sake
I’m the television healer
who’s nothing but a fake

No matter what the subject
I always have my say
and while you all put up with me
I’ll never go away.